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In a virtual open air auditorium, a female avatar sits on a bench talking to a male avatar nearby while a third avatar stands on a stage watching.

ITKAN’s 15th Anniversary Celebration

Join us as we celebrate 15 years of ITKAN in our new home in the metaverse! We have been engaging the Civic Tech and Disability communities since 2008! We are celebrating in the metaverse at our new virtual home community on Virbela’s Open Campus in the Speakeasy with a dance party, music, a slide show and some surprises!  

It’ll be a fun time for everyone…and simple. You can even wear your fuzzy slippers, and no one will know! 

  1. Go to on your PC or Mac and click on the Get Started button 
  2. Register on Virbela (see below for helpful tips)
  3. Download the app for your device 
  4. Create your avatar  
  5. Join us in the Speakeasy on Th., October 13th from 6-7pm! 

Virbela Registration
When you register, choose ITKAN as the Organization. The Organization Size is 11-50.

Username and Avatar
Consider creating a username that is close to your real name. We will be interacting with other professionals in the environment. Have fun with your avatar, but if you veer far from a real work likeness and you use a non-recognizable username please greet people in world with your true identity.

Where is the Speakeasy?
Don’t worry. Virbela staff members are super friendly, engaging, and helpful. Once you appear in world, someone will be there to assist you. You can also join us Wednesdays from 5-5:30pm in world to get used to the controls.

Event Registration
We encourage you to also register on our Evenbrite page. Doing so will allow us to keep Virbela aware of how many people they can expect and will allow us to keep you informed.


ITKAN is proud of our history of presenting lead edge technology in a fun environment to anyone with even a kernel of passion. We’ve partnered with so many great companies and organizations over the years, including Illinois Technology Foundation, Microsoft/MTC Chicago, SPR, Abilitylinks, Yolbe, 1871, Equal Access, Computerworld, Marriott Bridges, Virbela and many more. Thanks to all of them! 

We hope to see you at our 15th Anniversary Virtual Party! 

In a virtual office an avatar of Nisarg Thakkar looks at a photo of an ITKAN advisory meeting projected on the virtual wall.

September 2022 Meeting – Open VR Meeting on Transformation

Register for the September 8 meeting.

This year’s theme for ITKAN has been Transformation. Whether of yourself, your professional role or job, or the technologies that our experts have presented like artificial intelligence, machine learning or virtual reality.

In fact, for the past several months members of our advisory team have worked with a forward-thinking company that’s building the next-generation of products for the Metaverse and VR. Virbela has created solutions for school, work, meetings, conferences and more that are deeply immersive and transformative. They have been generous in enabling and training us to take advantage of their virtual campus and a private room with an array of functions that presenters can utilize to create a “like being there” experience for us.

They will also soon be releasing new accessibility features to both their avatars and virtual campus. While Virbela knows that building full accessibility features is an ongoing process, we are impressed with their mindset and interest in welcoming everyone to Virbela.

Before our maiden Virbela/ITKAN presentation in October, we need to strengthen our community first and we’re asking you to download the app on your desktop or laptop and create your avatar. Even if you’re new to immersive VR environments (and most of us are!), I promise this is a fun and highly communal environment and Virbela staff are wonderfully supportive and don’t judge.

Here’s the link to download:

We have a standing informal get together on each Wednesday from 5-5:30 or 5:45pm just to get comfortable on campus and with your commands. We’re also holding an Open Members meeting on September 8th starting at 5:30. The advisory team will hang out and collect the group and then either head to our private space or explore the campus a bit and then head up. Please join us for either or both and get transformed!

Thu, September 8, 2022
5:30 PM – 7:00 PM CDT


ITKAN has been a community since 2008 that takes care of its own, and we’re proud of that. Members have secured 1st careers, transitioned careers, and made life-long friendships.  We are perpetual learners and active community members, and through ITKAN and it is our hope that with the focus this year on transformation it will help us to continue this legacy. 

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Hi everyone – if you’re on Twitter, please make sure to follow @ChiTechForGood and consider contributing a blog. Adam Hecktman created this Twitter page to amplify the great work that is occurring in Chicago in the Technology space that contributes to social good…like ITKAN! If you have any questions please ask on our ITKAN Teams page. Please email Brian or me (Pat) if you aren’t on Teams yet or the ITKAN Team. Our emails are and

Ai at Microsoft – Best in Business 2021!

Best of Business AI 2021 invites you to go behind the scenes with 10 leading global organizations using AI to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing their industries—and our world. These visionary organizations are powered by human innovators who combine strategic thinking and cutting-edge technology to create powerful results.