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Hi everyone – if you’re on Twitter, please make sure to follow @ChiTechForGood and consider contributing a blog. Adam Hecktman created this Twitter page to amplify the great work that is occurring in Chicago in the Technology space that contributes to social good…like ITKAN! If you have any questions please ask on our ITKAN Teams page. Please email Brian or me (Pat) if you aren’t on Teams yet or the ITKAN Team. Our emails are and

Ai at Microsoft – Best in Business 2021!

Best of Business AI 2021 invites you to go behind the scenes with 10 leading global organizations using AI to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing their industries—and our world. These visionary organizations are powered by human innovators who combine strategic thinking and cutting-edge technology to create powerful results.

Usability Tester Short-Term Needed Immediately!

The requirements are:

– participants must use digital streaming services (such as Netflix, Hulu etc.) and use a TV to access the services (this study is particularly connected to a specific service but the planner has asked that we wait to let participants know which one until we verify that they use that service)

– participants must watch TV at least three hours per week on average

– participants must have another member of their household who can use the Dscout app to take short videos of them accessing the service via their TV

– The time commitment is between February 26-March 8 and will total about 2-3 hours of time. Both the participant and the person using Dscout will be compensated via paypal at $75/hour. Use form below if interested!

HoloLens project enables collaboration among surgeons worldwide!

One day in mid-December, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Bruno Gobbato walked into an operating room in Jaraguá do Sul, Brazil, put on a HoloLens 2 mixed-reality headset and prepared for surgery.

Joining him remotely were fellow surgeons Professor Thomas Gregory, who was tuning in from Paris, and Dr. John Erickson, who is based in New Jersey. Gobbato’s patient had a collarbone fracture that hadn’t healed properly, so Gobbato needed to reposition the bone and perform a shoulder arthroscopy, which involved inserting a small camera into the joint to try to determine what was causing the man’s shoulder pain.