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Minecraft has inspired 85 million on

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Hi, everyone I was on LinkedIn and Microsoft is partnership up with an app called by creator and founder Hadi Partovi. is created and designed to provide support children who are interested in science and technology. Microsoft has a long legacy and deep commitment to computer science and their support comes with resources for K12 computer science movement and employees and have access to their special phenomenon called Minecraft. So please check this website out and if you have any questions or concerns, I’m here to help and support.


Microsoft joins By My Eyes to provide tech support to Blind and Low Vision customers


Hi, everyone I was on twitter and I found an article about an app that provide and support people with blind or low vision disability. This app is called By My Eyes the app that thousands of people with sight problems how to cooking, reading and catch transportations. The free app is available on iOS and Android to download and it’s free. Microsoft is the first company to be highlighted in Specialized Help and By My Eyes is offering customers a direct connection to receive technical assistance from the Disability Answer Desk. Please explore and learn more of this excellent app.



Virgin Galactic partners with Microsoft Edge to create an immersive web experience for aspiring astronauts


Hey, everyone I look at LinkedIn and I found another article about Microsoft. Microsoft is partnering up with Virgin Galactic to support them by creating an immersive web by using Microsoft Edge and aspire future astronauts, engineers and scientists to learn about technology and space. I love this video they’re showing right now and it was awesome. Please feel free to look and explore Microsoft’s newest creation.

Grow, build and connect with Microsoft for Startups


Hi everyone, Microsoft has an exciting blog for clients and entrepreneurs who want build trust and partners with Microsoft and their brand new products and who are new to try their softwares. For example:  Microsoft Dynamics, Office 365, Java, Nodes., .NET, etc.. and they have a video that explain why Microsoft is the number one IT company to build trust and build relationships and do business with other companies to solve problems. So please check this site out.

Microsoft’s intelligent cloud powers customer innovation across industries


Hey, everyone I found an articles on LinkedIn about Microsoft’s latest creation. It’s about how Microsoft’s intelligent cloud powers that embraces customer innovation and other industries that affects through technology and other services. Take a look at the latest creation from Microsoft.

Sony has patented a blink powered contact lens that records what you see

Everyone, please this link that I found on Facebook. Sony has patented a blink powered contact lens that records what you see and please watch the video below the page of the link. Please comment or questions and I will be happy to answer your comments and questions as soon as possible.