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ITKAN hosts networking events on the second Thursday of every even numbered month at the Microsoft Technology Center which is located on the 2nd floor of the the Aon Tower at 200 E. Randolph Street in downtown Chicago. Meetings start at 5 PM and last for two hours. If you would like to receive invites to our meetings, please sign up for our newsletter.

These meetings provide opportunities for members to network with each other and the technology leaders who reach out to those who want to dig deeper into IT and developing technology, process and trends. ITKAN meetings are full of discussions on IT in different sectors and formats, going from general info to the most granular of knowledge.

If you would like to join a meeting, click on the link below to view a summary and then click the registration link. You will need to bring a photo ID when you arrive at the Aon Tower so that the security desk can verify that you are on the registrants list.

The next meeting is:

March 12, 2020
Data and Mobility with Clever°Franke

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