“A new IP strategy for a new era of shared innovation”



Good Afternoon, everyone. Microsoft has found a new IP strategy for a new era of shared innovation. Please check this link out and share your thoughts with ITKAN and if you have any questions or concerns, I’m here to assist and provide any guidelines or suggestions. Thank you and have an beautiful and warm week.

“Every company today is becoming in part a software company – we see this every day at Microsoft. Whether it’s auto manufacturers, retailers, health care providers or financial services firms, our customers are not only transforming their own business operations with our software but collaborating with our consultants and engineers to create new digital products and services that run on our platform. As we look to the future, advancements and the adoption of cloud services, data analytics and artificial intelligence will only accelerate this phenomenon.

That’s why today we are announcing Microsoft’s Shared Innovation Initiative. It is based on a set of principles designed to address co-created technology and intellectual property (IP) issues that give customers clarity and confidence regarding their work with Microsoft. The initiative is designed to strike a healthy balance that will both help our customers grow their business through technology and enable Microsoft to continue to improve its platform products.”

Brian Smith – Microsoft President and Chief Executive Officer


“Acelerating digital transformation with the spring 2018 release for the Dynamics 365 and Business Application Form”


Good Afternoon, everyone. Microsoft announces the new release digital platforms: Dynamics 365 and Business Applications. Please read this interesting article what Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Business Application are providing, supporting and offering this spring.

“Today I’m thrilled to announce the spring 2018 release for Microsoft Business Applications. We’re unleashing a wave of innovation across the entire product line with hundreds of new capabilities and features in three core areas: new business applications; new intelligent capabilities infused throughout; and transformational new application platform capabilities.

As I talk with business leaders to learn what draws them to Dynamics 365, the answer is almost always the same: they want to digitally transform and believe Microsoft is uniquely capable of helping them succeed on that journey. Microsoft is the only provider of a modern, unified and intelligence-infused family of business applications that span the breadth of business processes – across marketing, sales, service, operations, finance, talent and commerce; all powered by a business analytics and application platform, built atop a common data model, on Azure, our planet-scale public cloud, connected to Office 365 and the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn.

It is this collection of integrated capabilities spanning the Microsoft Cloud that supercharge Dynamics 365, creating what we believe is an unmatched platform for digital transformation.”

James Phillips – Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Business Applications Group

“Using intelligence to advance security from the edge to the cloud”




Hello, everyone. Microsoft has a new technology software called Azure Sphere to expanded and secured the Internet and to advance security from the edge to the cloud. Please read this article and see what is interests you.

“We are living in a world where almost everything is becoming connected, whether it’s the electrical grid, phone system, our cars, or the appliances that heat our home or chill our food.  As this Internet of Things (IoT) continues to proliferate, so does the threat of debilitating cyber-attacks, like last year’s devastating ransomware attacks that damaged, destroyed and disrupted systems around the world. And these attacks are only growing more sophisticated – and commonplace.”  

“We recognize that we and others in the tech sector have the first responsibility to address these issues. After all, we build the products.  We operate the platform.  We unfortunately are the battlefield in many ways.  We are the first responders.  At Microsoft and at many of our peers, our security professionals are the ones that answer the call, scramble onto airplanes, and stay by our customer’s side until their issues are resolved. Trust is the underpinning of our relationship with our customers, and we recognize that we must earn and maintain that trust every single day.”  

Brad Smith, Microsoft President and Chief Executive Officer.

“Self-Direct Learning Websites and Links to self-learn online!”

Hi, everyone I have some self-direct learning websites and links for everyone are ready and are willing to self-learn online and achieve goals to success. Wherever you are a beginner, immediate or an expert and ready to learn more about self-learning, I welcome you to Self-Direct Learning. I have top 5 Self-Direct Learning Websites and I will set-up their links for you to look at it and practice, practice and practice what your goals are and they are free to use and learn. These websites will provide support on any skill what you to learn for example: learn how to troubleshoot an application, installing a new Windows 7 or 10, web programming, code a program and how to clean an installation or rebuild an cache on the Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Please be free to ask any questions or concerns you may have and I’ll be happy to provide any assistance or guidelines for you. Thank you and have an wonderful week.

The Websites and Their Links to Self-Learning Online:


  1. I highly and mostly recommended Microsoft Virtual Academy because it’s provides high support by building your skills and advance your career. It also offer free IT training for Develop IT Pros, Scientists, etc.


2. Udemy is best known for it’s online learning and teaching marketplace with over               65,000 course online and 15 million students


3.  Codecademy is best known for providing the best technical skills to transformed                your career with coding.


4.     Khan Academy is excellent self-learn online training because you can learn                         everything like for example: Algebra, Science, Computer Science, etc.


5.    GitHub is another self-learn training because it’s a development platform                              inspired by the way you work.


“A Hurricane Flattens Facebook”



Hi, everyone I found another article about Facebook is struggling to Cambridge Analytica and is accused of stealing and deleting Facebook’s data to protect Facebook users who have account with Facebook. Please read this important article and comment and if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know and I’ll be happy to answer any questions or any concerns you may have. Thank you and have a lovely and blessed week.

“Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and data mining: What you need to know”



Hi, everyone Facebook Founder and Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg was at Washington, D.C. at Congress to explain and why did Facebook suspend Cambridge
Analytica. Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook corporation are going to persuade their customers and end users on having them keep their accounts on Facebook. Please be feel to watch a video and read the story of the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica that destroy people with disabilities and their lives and if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.