Midwest Drupal Camp – March 31 – April 1

For the first time ever, MidCamp, the Midwest Drupal Camp is offering free trainings to select individuals who have expressed interest in working with web technologies and are looking to make a start working with websites. If you haven’t worked with Drupal or any Content Management System (CMS) before, this training could be for you.  MidCamp would love to offer the members of ITKAN this free training.  They have 20 spaces currently available spread out over 4 sessions over the course of Friday, March 31st and Saturday, April 1st, 2017.  The trainings will happen at the DePaul University Lincoln Park Campus which is an accessible space. If you require extra accommodations please contact matthew@uncrash.me. Users after the first 20 will be wait listed.

For more information or to sign up, please visit MidCamp’s website.


February 2017 Meeting – The Impact of Self-Directed Online Learning

Register for the February 9th meeting.

IT is, almost by definition, a forward-thinking industry that demands constant learning. And that learning comes in many forms. Digital education platforms are on the rise, and often offer a great opportunity to learn a skill in a compressed amount of time. They are leveraged by individuals looking to sharpen skills for their existing roles, people looking to develop their talents for their next career moves, and organizations of all types who embrace remote work and education. Further, this style of learning can help people become more informed and articulate on many hot topics, thus strengthening their confidence to participate in career-growth activities like hacking and networking.

Join us at the MTC on February 9th as we discuss self-directed online learning and how it can have an impact on PwD. We’ll discuss the benefits of self-directed learning as well as examine some platforms such as Microsoft Virtual Academy, LinkedIn Learning, Codecademy, and Khan Academy.

Brian Chorba, Marketing Administrator at SPR Consulting and ITKAN Advisory Team member, as well as Pat Maher, Director of Civic Engagement at SPR Consulting and founding member of ITKAN, will facilitate the discussion.

February 9, 2017
5-7:00 p.m.

Aon Tower
Microsoft Technology Center
200 E Randolph Street, 2nd floor
Chicago, IL 60601

January 2017 Meeting – Integrating Assistive Technology to Forge a Career

Hannah Thompson: A Young Professional Chronicles Her Professional Journey and the Effective Integration of Assistive Technology to Forge a Career

Register for the January 12th meeting. 

At the next members meeting ITKAN welcomes Hannah Thompson to discuss the use of assistive technology to support a full life and career. Hannah has Cerebral Palsy and a movement disorder called Dystonia. The Cerebral Palsy affects her balance and her ability to walk and speak. The dystonia is a neurological movement disorder that causes involuntary movements in all of her extremities. She utilizes various assistive technology to improve her productivity and assure her success. She uses a DynaVox to communicate daily, and it has also played a critical role in support of her motivational speaking career. With the use of Intellikeys, Hannah accesses her laptop commands efficiently. Along with these critical tools, Hannah uses software such as WordQ and Kurzweil to assist her in succeeding in college and now in her career.

Hannah Thompson graduated from Elmhurst College in 2012. She participated in Greek Life and was heavily involved in spiritual life on campus as well. Her professors nominated her for prestigious awards such as Lincoln Laureate. She currently lives independently in Elmhurst. She is a member of the Federal Communications Commission’s Disability Advisory Committee which is a complete honor to Hannah. She also had the privilege of having a documentary made about her life during her college years. She also blogs monthly, you can access her blogs at Hannah’s Adventures of Living Her Dream and Hannah’s College Adventures. After a year of being unemployed, she recently got a position at the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation as an advocate. In her free time, she serves as a mentor for the Give Something Back Foundation and is active in her community.

The next meeting will be
January 12, 2017, 5-7:30PM
Aon Tower
Microsoft Technology Center, 2nd Floor
200 E. Randolph St
Chicago, IL 60601