“Self-Direct Learning Websites and Links to self-learn online!”

Hi, everyone I have some self-direct learning websites and links for everyone are ready and are willing to self-learn online and achieve goals to success. Wherever you are a beginner, immediate or an expert and ready to learn more about self-learning, I welcome you to Self-Direct Learning. I have top 5 Self-Direct Learning Websites and I will set-up their links for you to look at it and practice, practice and practice what your goals are and they are free to use and learn. These websites will provide support on any skill what you to learn for example: learn how to troubleshoot an application, installing a new Windows 7 or 10, web programming, code a program and how to clean an installation or rebuild an cache on the Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Please be free to ask any questions or concerns you may have and I’ll be happy to provide any assistance or guidelines for you. Thank you and have an wonderful week.

The Websites and Their Links to Self-Learning Online:


  1. I highly and mostly recommended Microsoft Virtual Academy because it’s provides high support by building your skills and advance your career. It also offer free IT training for Develop IT Pros, Scientists, etc.


2. Udemy is best known for it’s online learning and teaching marketplace with over               65,000 course online and 15 million students


3.  Codecademy is best known for providing the best technical skills to transformed                your career with coding.


4.     Khan Academy is excellent self-learn online training because you can learn                         everything like for example: Algebra, Science, Computer Science, etc.


5.    GitHub is another self-learn training because it’s a development platform                              inspired by the way you work.



“A Hurricane Flattens Facebook”



Hi, everyone I found another article about Facebook is struggling to Cambridge Analytica and is accused of stealing and deleting Facebook’s data to protect Facebook users who have account with Facebook. Please read this important article and comment and if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know and I’ll be happy to answer any questions or any concerns you may have. Thank you and have a lovely and blessed week.

“Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and data mining: What you need to know”



Hi, everyone Facebook Founder and Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg was at Washington, D.C. at Congress to explain and why did Facebook suspend Cambridge
Analytica. Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook corporation are going to persuade their customers and end users on having them keep their accounts on Facebook. Please be feel to watch a video and read the story of the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica that destroy people with disabilities and their lives and if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Eliminating barriers: Sharing lessons learned from Microsoft’s journey towards accessibility



Hey, everyone I found another link from Microsoft on LinkedIn. Please check this link as well. “Empowering every person…” means every person and that includes Microsoft employees and customers who have or are impacted by a disability. My team is on the journey to bring this meaningful mission to life and as excited and willing as we were to get started, we were also a bit anxious (to say the least) at the considerable challenge we knew was ahead of us.
As a global organization, Microsoft has several thousand applications and sites—very few of which were considered accessible at the time the Microsoft Core Services Engineering (CSE, formerly Microsoft IT) accessibility program was launched.


Beverly Carey, director of the accessibility program in Core Services Engineering, tells the story of how Microsoft is becoming more inclusive through accessibility.

A whole new ballgame: Surface tablets score a big hit with the Kansas City Royals


Hey everyone, I found an excellent article on LinkedIn from Microsoft. Chad Mark from Microsoft is interviewing with The Kansas City Royals Vice President and Director of Baseball Operations Alec Zumwalt about how Surface Pros change everyone from pen and paper to electronic devices with pens. The Director of Baseball Operations also partnering with The Head of IT Brian Himstedt by using Clouds and Databases. So please check this website out and see how people are really enjoying using Surface Pros. Thank You and have a blessed day.

April 2018 Meeting – Coding in Schools Effect on Diversity in Tech

Register for the April 12th meeting.

In April’s ITKAN meeting, we will discuss the relationship between two of the top tech issues, Diversity and Tech along with Coding in Schools, from the “Today in Technology:  The Top 10 Tech Issues for 2018” series.

One of the many benefits of pervasively promoting coding in school is how it can help address the tech industry’s shortage of communities of color, women, and individuals with disabilities.

We will start off the evening with Shelley McKinley, who runs Microsoft’s Technology & Corporate Responsibility team, saying a few words about the work that her Microsoft Accessibility team is doing.

Then Tim Roessler, ITKAN Advisory Board Member and Director of Enterprise Applications at Joliet Junior College, will facilitate a discussion panel which will speak about Diversity and Tech and how their organizations promotion of coding in schools helps create a diverse, technology savvy workforce for their community.

The three panelist are:

  • Mindy C. Diaz: Disability Services Coordinator Joliet Junior College
  • Liz Rafferty: Executive Director Genesys Works Chicago
  • Lance Russell: Chief Executive Officer Chicago Tech Academy High School

April 12, 2018
5-7:00 p.m.

Aon Tower
Microsoft Technology Center
200 E Randolph Street, 2nd floor
Chicago, IL 60601